Friday, April 2, 2010

Time flies when you're...uh, crap, I forget the rest...

Three years since I made this thing. All but forgotten about it.

I know that everyone has a stupid blog but, I don't care. I need a place to stuff my random thoughts like the turkeys I've never actually made.

I guess the fundamentals have not changed in this amount of time. I still have countless bumper stickers on my obviously fuel-efficient small car. I still geek out like crazy over school and all school-related endeavors. And I still watch chick flicks as though there were some real danger that Hollywood will stop churning them out like some sort of slutty butter.

Tonight feels like an Amy Adams kind of night.

I think that I will go make that happen. First, Julie & Julia; then Enchanted; and then, Drop Dead Gorgeous.

I like this plan.


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