Thursday, December 2, 2010

Have it your way: Fat.

Burger King may be the lesser of two fast food evils, but it's still pretty bad. And I swear that the grill smoke coming out of the chimney is fake...

So they have a deal right now. Buy one original chicken sandwich, get one free.

And they look like this:

Also, each one has almost 700 calories and 40 grams of fat. Can someone really consume two of these? And it's not even real chicken. Grody. To the max.

Here's another gem--I think they pulled this one after its debut last year:

the nutrition facts make it more disturbing...

Nutrition Facts: Angry Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich

Calories – 1030

Total Fat – 61 grams

Saturated Fat – 14 grams

Trans Fat – 1.5 grams

Cholesterol – 105 milligrams

Sodium – 2670 milligrams

Carbs – 82 grams

Protein – 40 grams

I honestly haven't eaten anything at BK in many years, but I don't remember ever really liking it.

Well, at least they aren't as evil as Hardees:

Yup, that is a burger on that french dip. SCARY.


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