Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Even Good Food can be a BAD idea.

So, I like Red Robin. It tastes like real food which is quite a switch from the usual McDonalds or Burger king. But, even though like like Red Robin, I don't necessarily think it is always the best ideas.

here's why:

Yes, folks, this is the "Wise Guy burger". It is similar to a regular red robin burger, which, let's face it, is not good for you anyway, but they have the audacity to stick a few mozzarella sticks up there on top of said burger. I went to the official site and looked at the breakdown of nutrition facts. I am not going to share them here but, as the 'ole magic 8-Ball might say, "Outlook not good".

I have to admit though, I can never say no to those seriously awesome fries. They are like crack; if crack tastes like garlic potato goodness. Anyone have an opinion on fries? ...Or crack?...

I found more than the Red Robin nightmare burger. So i figure I will share a couple of other scary trends with you.

About a month ago, I saw a commercial, starring a cute Australian (?) guy. I had no idea where it was going. But, I definitely didn't know it was leading to THIS:

Yes, shrimp. There is little to say at this point. This is due to the fact that when you put TACO BELL and SEAFOOD in the same sentence, everyone instantly stops taking you seriously. Food poisoning, here we come. Except, I would not touch that thing someone else's TFP.

One more for today, then I must stop procrastinating and get my schoolwork on.

Ok, so most of us like grilled cheese sandwiches. If you don't, you are likely a commie. But Hardee's has come up with something pretty scary:

This is most definitely not a "grilled cheese". I think maybe the ad-execs behind Hardee's has gone a little slow. THAT is a burger. It's not even in disguise. It doesn't have a mask or a cape, or leap tall buildings in a single bound. It's a freaking burger. Get a grip people. The commercial is also pretty interesting. The message is basically, "you are not a real man if you eat grilled cheese. If you don't eat this and get a grilled cheese, your friends will laugh at you, girls will shun your company, and you will die miserable and alone."

Never thought that Fast Food ads could be gross AND sexist. Nice work Hardee's. Disappointing millions for over 40 years.


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