Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Food that won't go bad AND Taco Bell goes too far.

Those of you that have seen the fabulous Super Size Me may not have seen the deleted scenes/special features. If you own the movie, go back and watch the bonus feature video of Morgan Spurlock's McDonald's science experiment. Long story short, he puts several McD's items in large clear glass jars and tracks their decomp (or, what you come to find is the shocking lack thereof) over a period of six weeks. What he finds is that most of the food does eventually break down (although much more slowly than normal food)...Except the fries. The fries never break down. They stay the same size, shape, and color. So disturbing. And apparently, this trend has become even more of a seriously disturbing phenomenon.

My favorite lovely contributor, Whit, has given me another awesome nugget (why does that always sound disturbing; "nugget"?) Anyhow, there's now this new development.

As I told Whit, YIKES...You have to scroll through all of the pics to see why this is so frightening. Spurlock began the eye-opening; perhaps we should all now contribute to the spread of this awful truth about McD's. Grody to the max.

In other news, Taco Bell has struck again. Now I know that I said that Hardees is the number one offender in all of fast food, that does not mean that there are not several others nipping at the heals of Greatness (er, lowliness?). Although Taco Bell has been offering some better alternatives to their usual frustrating, fattening fare like these "Fresco" options (basically the subtract the cheese and add salsa fresca-type stuff. And they are also pretty tasty. I mean, it would be much better if they didn't use that horrible processed flour tortilla for absolutely everything. I mean, I am not even asking for whole wheat tortillas--but how about WHEAT at all. I just don't really dig the bread stuff that begins to turn to sugar in your mouth like saltines. Yick.

Anyway, so even with Taco Bell's nutritional strides, they are still Taco Hell at Heart--"Welcome to Taco Hell, How may I ruin your order?"--and come up with ridiculous stuff. Like--*drumroll please*

The XXL Chalupa.

I mean, it's already fried, for god's sake. Chalupas (TB's at least) are a chewy fried shell with all of the usual stuff on the inside. As if refried beans, cheese, and terrible meat (I really only have serious issues with the ground "beef", not the chicken or steak). This monstrosity is really scary. I am pretty sure that Eric said it best when he said, "It's like someone is saying to themselves, 'Hey, I don't like finishing one chalupa, and then having to reach all the way over to get yet another chalupa. It solves the problem for the lazy Taco Bell-eater.' and that is really terrible."

For the record, I totally agree...Just check out the nutrition facts. Very scary. I won't link them here because, well, it's scary and you can google it. So, go forth and google for Pete's sake.

Sometimes the terrible fast food makes me tired; like right now (and I am not even eating it), so I am signing off now.

Thanks again Whit, you rule!

Happy eating lovelies!