Thursday, March 17, 2011

Red Robin: Yum?

I like Red Robin. They have good food. I mean, this isn't Mickey Dee's or anything. It's actually food; instead of something resembling food. I really like their chicken wraps, in particular. They're parm fries are pretty darn good too (although packed with fat and calories--besides the fact that they are bottomless, which is dangeresque...

And yes, their burgers are really tasty. But this... ridiculous...It's called the Prime Chophouse Burger. It's a perennial favorite. But, as always, I was curious...So I checked the nutritional info:

Calories: 1271
Fat: 82g (the site claims no saturated fat--but I call shenanigans) this is 127% of your daily allowance of fat.
Sodium: 2322mg

so I was curious. How does the other food stack-up? (pardon the pun)

Warning! Do NOT get the onion rings if you care to live much longer! 2000 calories and 112g of fat--yeah, you might share these...but even if you eat half, you are still screwed.

HOLY CRAP! The Chicken Caesar wrap has 1600 calories (with fries)...never eating that again. I might as well get a freaking burger. Speaking of which...there are a few options that (although not great) are better alternatives to the above chophouse burger or the surprising Caesar wrap (note: also steer-clear of the chicken avocado wrap--it's even worse!):

1. Simply Grilled Chicken Sandwich
It's just what it says: but it is pretty good. Just skip the cheese. Try spicy mustard instead.

Calories: 420
Fat: 8g (and tons of protein)

2. Stick to soups--even the bowls don't surpass the 500 calorie mark. Try the Chicken tortilla soup--it's very good, full of protein, and is 414 calories for a large bowl. (Note: always avoid chili--not just at RR--anywhere--it almost always has hidden fat. Exception: Wendy's chili--tons of veggies and leanish meat--and just a little over 200cals)

Nevermind...these are the ONLY things on the menu worth getting if you don't want to die tomorrow. Nice list huh? My suggestion? Skip RR and make your own turkey burger...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ride the Dog!

I don't know. I just...don't know. What I AM sure of is that the substance between the bacon hot dog and bun is gravy. And I bet she rubbed butter on everything before she cooked it. I know I say it a lot but...just wow.