Monday, July 19, 2010

Fast Food Salads Part 1 (or "It's Time for Another Good Idea/Bad Idea")

This is the first part of a two-post series, mostly because I am quite tired tonight, and I have two papers to write this week.

This post is going to be a bit different than usual as well. Part I is going to be a short one, mostly on Wendy's; mostly because I like Wendy's. It's the only FF I will eat, honestly...Part two, which I will work on next week, will be about FF salads in general, some specific triumphs and failures, and finally, a product review Wendy's salads.

So, over the years Wendy's has tried the salad thing. And mostly, it's worked. They aren't terrible. The use iceberg lettuce (bad idea), but they cover the salad in tasty junk. And my naming it "junk" is no accident. But more of that later.

Anyhow, they've mostly been good. The chicken is a little weird, but not bad; and the cheese and veggies are usually really good.

Here's the new line-up of salads that Wendy's offers ("for a limited time" so they say):

They all look pretty good. However, I wish that they would steer clear of using their chili on salads. Don't get me wrong. I nearly lived off their chili for years. It's the only thing on the menu with less than 300 calories and full of veggies, so hey, I am already sold. But really folks? Everyone knows that you don't put a really hot substance on iceberg lettuce. It's a disaster waiting to happen.

So, that's all I have the energy for tonight. I will be purchasing one of these salads this week, and will have a product review in my next post.

Happy Eating Folks!